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You're on Nathanaël CHERRIER's website. It is simple and its goal is to tell you who I am. My last tweet, my resume or links to my social media are some informations you can find here.

I am a developer, it is my job. I am also blogger (link on button bellow), influencer, science lover and convinced by the open source world.

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I'm happy to rope in my skills to help you create your personal digital identity. I will help you through your different IT projects that require multi-screen development (web, mobile, desktop).

Mobile development With the arrival of smartphones, mobile phones have become a unavoidable business sector where companies must be present.

You too can offer a new experience to your clients. Trust a professional to give you advice and to develop with you the best mobile solution.

Mobile development You have a specific project that you don’t think would fit on the mobile phones ? You would like to put the project on Windows or Mac OS X platforms?

I offer to accompany you from the start to the end of your project’s development. Whether it is in the study, the writing of the specifications or the extension, you will have the possibility to rely on an expert that will reassure you and give you quality advice.

Mobile development Internet has changed our lives. It has become an integral part of our daily lives. You can not just be present on the Internet. You have to be noticeable.

I can work with you toward that goal by mixing web development, design and SEO technics while being attentive to your needs, this way we will build together a project that your clients will appreciate.

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You can send me an email via this form. Wether it is for a first contact, a partnership or a price request, do not hesitate. I'll do what I can to answer your messages as soon as possible.