Nathanaël Cherrier


Mobile & Web development engineer at Econocom, I am motived and passionate about everything that relies to IT. My two preferred languages are Swift for Apple platform development and JavaScript for full-stack web development.


+33 (0) 658 62 44 21


129 rue André Bollier
69007 Lyon FRANCE


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Professional experiences

Javascript Development Trainer, Econocom ; Lyon, 04/2017-...

Training and development support for Javascript technologies:

  • ES6+
  • AngularJS
  • Angular
  • Reactive JS (RxJS)

Links : company's website

Mobile & Web Development Engineer, Econocom ; Lyon, 11/2015-...

iOS application development with Obj-C and Swift 2.

Single page application development with Javascript (ES6), Angular 2+.

Web application development with PHP, Symfony 2.

Hybride application development for iOS/Android devices with Cordova.

Links : company's website

Web Developer, Winciel by Europa-Techna ; Lyon, 08/2013-06/2015

Development of a professional intranet for the company’s clients. The Intranet is teamed with an ERP software developed and commercialized by Winciel. Whatever changes on the ERP is also changed on the Intranet.

Responsible for the development of a project which will fit heating professionals’ needs. Project supervisor.

Intervention to fix client’s problems.

Links : company's website

iOS Developer, Personal ; Lyon, 06/2014

Creation of an iOS app to calculate VAT called CheckyourVAT. It allows to quickly go from VAT inclusive price to non-VAT inclusive one. You can also do it the other way around.

Different VAT are taken into account and the user can choose to add other VAT that are more specific to his needs.

This application is available on iPhone and has been developed using Objective-C.

Links : application, website

iOS Developer, Personal ; Lyon, 01/2014-02/2014

Development of a conversion iOS app which is mostly about European conversion. European Converter displays exchange rates updated when launching the app or after user asks for it (Internet connection is required).

The app calculates fixed costs and variable costs of the chosen bank or foreign exchange counter.

The user is not forced to use a defined rates provider (such as Yahoo ! Finance, Themoneyconverter, Google Finance…). The app manages different rates provider and the user can chose within the list.

This application is available on iPhone and has been developed using Objective-C.

Links : application, website

iOS Developer, Personal ; Lyon, 10/2013

Creation of a digital version of the well-known boardgame « MasterMind » for iOS platform.

Integration of social tools. Scores managing. Entirely customizable game. Possibility to buy design packs. iAD integration.

This app has been entirely re-developed with Swift in August 2014.

Links : application

Web Developer & Web Designer, Cool Location ; Réunion, 05/2013

Development of the company's website. Website presenting the rental car company, its location on a map and its prices.

It is a static website which is developed in HTML5 and CSS3. Utilisation of JavaScript to integrate the Google map.

Windows 8 Developer, Personal ; Réunion, 04/2013

Creation of a Windows 8 app using C#.NET and XAML to allow people reading my blogs to access my articles directly from their Windows 8 tablets. It is a RSS feed reader.

Developed for the Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) program.

Web Developer & Web Designer, Run Ice ; Réunion, 02/2013

Development of the company's website. Website presenting the ice cream saler specialized in frozen yogurt, its restaurants location and its prices.

It is a static website which is develiped in HTML5 and CSS3.

Web Developer & Web Designer, Crédit Agricole ; Réunion, 01/2012-05/2013

Retro-Engineering on a Wordpress theme bought to save interesting functions. Development and design of a Wordpress theme.

Development of a website for the members' capital of the bank.

Creation of advertising displays for the Crédit Agricole's website.

Links : members' capital's website, company's website

Web Developer & Web Designer, Emma et la Photographie ; Réunion, 10/2012

Creation of a PortFolio for a photgrapher. This website allows to file and to arrange photographs in HD.

This website uses Symfony 2 for the server part and jQuery for the animation (horizontal scroll).


SUPINFO International University. Paris, France - Master of Science (BAC+5), 2011-2016

  • Associate of Science (BAC+2), 2013
  • Microsoft Student Partner, 2013

Lycée Mahatma Gandhi. Saint-André, Réunion - Baccalauréat (BAC), 2008-2011

  • Scientific A level, applied in Mathematics and spanish culture, 2011

Other skills


  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • iWork Suite


  • Desktop : C, C++, Java, C#.NET, XAML, WPF
  • Web : JavaScript, Angular, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Symfony3, Responsive Design
  • Mobile : Android (Java), Windows Phone 8 (C#.NET), iOS (Objective-C, Swift), Cordova (Hybrid. JavaScript)


  • MySQL
  • Oracle

Operating systems

  • Windows 98, XP, 7, 8
  • Mac OS X 10.6-10
  • Ubuntu, Debian


My second passion, right after development, is science. Especially stars' science ( astrophysics and cosmology) and life sciences (biology).

If you mix these two passions, you get bio-informatics. I never tried it but it looks really appealing.

Besides that, I really like swimming (but I don't practice it very much) and I write a few blog posts. I play the guitar and a little bit of piano when I feel like it.

The information on this web or PDF version of my resume are updated regularly but the PDF version is not exactly the same. For evident reasons, the PDF resume is shorter and less detailed than the web version, some information might not appear there.

Download the PDF version